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FLYP and the Future of Digital Publishing

January 25, 2010

While the introductory video of FLYP (“More Than a Magazine”) would have you believe they’ve reinvented the wheel, reality tells us they’ve simply pushed the bar of digital publishing higher.  They have certainly upped the ante in the battle for the slickest, most modern magazine presence on the internet.

FLYP has been heralded as the future of the magazine format.  In an article discussing FLYP’s launch, referred to it as the van guard of “Magazines 2.0”.  While other media outlets have taken a more tempered approach, most recognize it as an important step in online journalism and eagerly await public response.

As detailed at the Online Journalism Blog, the innovation is the result of a change in focus.  FLYP not only privileges the content of the story but also the media in which it’s delivered.  While not a staggering revelation, the resources they’ve dedicated and commitment they’ve shown have produced a website with few competitors.

All is not perfect, though.  At times you can feel them shoehorning a story into one of their glitzy multimedia pieces.  It’s akin to a teenager who’s just gotten his new car and he just rolled up to the party.  He knows folks are watching and be damned if he’s not going to show off a little bit.  For instance, they convert a banal little piece on the study of decision making into a 2 minute, 14 second animation that adds little more than eye strain to the information.

But with FLYP it’s not about where they’re at.  It’s about where they’re going.  As one of the few sites on the internet to truly embrace the possibilities of a multimedia platform; not to mention the resources behind the venture to allow for some initial turbulence,  they’ll be limited only by their own imagination and ingenuity.  And we’ll be watching.