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Into the Unknown

January 14, 2010

After reading Vadrim Lakrusik’s column “Eight Must Have Traits of Tomorrow’s Journalists”, I found myself thinking, “Sheesh, that’s a lot of skills to master.”  But then I took a step back and considered the idea that we’ve so repeatedly been instructed, we will be creating the future of journalism.

Upon graduation, it seems unlikely many of us will fall into traditional journalism roles, but instead we’ll be called upon to innovate, freelance, and scrap for any paycheck we can.  Because, ultimately, we don’t know what’ll be out there waiting for us.  And just as an explorer wouldn’t head off into uncharted territory without his or her full complement of tools and necessities, we are being equipped with our tools and necessities with each class we attend, with each column we write, and with each video we edit.

Sean Blanda’s article regarding the relationship between hyperlocal media and established media smacks of the failings of the newspaper industry.  Their inability to venture off their comfortable groundings left them vulnerable to the hyperlocal coverage.  And upon discovering David had invaded what had been Goliath’s age-old turf, the local papers generally responded with indignation.  It seems in time that the established media has realized its error and attempted to assimilate many of the hyperlocal’s tactics, while sometimes simply purchasing them outright.

While Blanda’s suggestions may seem like common sense, they also appear to be a good jumping off point for two outlets on opposite sides of the media continuum.  As we continue to redefine the future of the media, the strong voices shall remain, be they large or small, and the sharing of secrets and cribbing of notes may be the key to existence for both.